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Servers maintenance

Due to the hardware renovation process, it would be necessary to turn off our servers for a while.

We are planning to start on Thursday 14-th of September 7 am UTС and the works would last for 2 hours. Please note that networks won’t be accessible at that period of time.

We do apologize for the temporary inconveniences.

Best regards,
Ning Team.

Hardware update, and possible issues

We would like to inform you that currently, we are in the process of hardware renovation and it’s possible that during next several months there could be some issues with stability of our systems.

We do apologize for any inconveniences in advance and hope that when the update would be finished you will enjoy the changes.

Thanks for understanding.

The Ning Team.

500 error on some Ning Networks


Due to the maintenance in the Ning systems, 500 errors might appear on some Ning Networks.It usually takes up to 20 minutes for our technical team to solve such issues. We do apologize for the inconveniences, but the maintenance works are necessary for stabilizing our systems and improving their functionality in future.

Ning Team